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PayPal offers built in protection for both Buyers and Sellers, and has been our secure choice for transactions for nearly two decades. Please make sure you email or call us with the domain name you are purchasing, along with your transfer preferences. If you would like a PayPal Invoice sent itemizing the domain description out in advance, please email your name and contact details to include within the invoice.

Email confirmations to:

Call Robert at 815-429-3254 for transfer assistance.

Transfer Options

If you are a GoDaddy customer, please let us know the email address attached to your account, and we can have the domain automatically directed into your account from our terminal.

You can also choose to have the domain unlocked and the authorization code sent to you via email. You can then initiate your inbound transfer request through your preferred registrar.

Most transfers are handled within 2 hours of payment, and take less than 90 seconds to process ownership transfer.

For domain assistance or real time transfer coordination, please call Robert Davis at 815-429-3254.


We Know Names!

Intelliname is the leading specialist worldwide in both the procurement and representation of rare domain names, largely used as messaging anchors within national and global marketing campaigns. The firm started in 1999 as a strategic think tank focused primarily on life and process improvements for humanity. Over the past two decades, the private group has leveraged branding and management experience to build power plants, create retail distribution networks, push the boundaries of network programming, and build or help strengthen thousands of brands and industry influencers across countless market sectors. Our intellectual property specialists also manage more than 25,000 premium domain names on direct representation, largely assembled from our own private collection, external domain investors, advertising agencies, and venture capital executives.

  • Strategic Business Planning & Approach to Market Solutions
  • New Venture Support and Tactical Pathway Formulation
  • Precision Data Models for Executive Level Sales Targeting
  • Intellectual Property Management & New Brand Creations
  • Viral Campaign Creation and Key Influencer Stimulation
  • Billboard Strategies & High Impact OOH Visual Campaigns


For more than 20 years, we have been creating incredible brand campaigns, anchored by the best domain name strategies for marketing and messaging that exist on the planet.  With more than 25,000 premium domain names under consignment or direct ownership, we are the leading supplier of tactical communication strategies to both ad agencies and marketing firms alike. 


The Super Collection highlights some of our premium work for consumer marketing, slogan creation, brand positioning, and advertising integration. 70 unique and powerful campaign strategies - including many of the rarest consumer expressions and domain names in the world. Presented as creative billboards with concept vehicles for market illustration.

Our Approach to Domain Names

We believe the best domain names are naturally intuitive, easy to remember, offer instant credibility, and communicate with precise messaging, so that they may work even while their owners sleep. Cutting corners on the smartest domain name adds administrative burden, diminishes conversion rates, and can make easy roads much more difficult in the long run.  Invest in the right name and maximize the success of everything you do.

Why $999

For many years, our focus was on high level project development, in a world where advertisers spend anywhere from $2bn-$5bn yearly in support of their activities. We held many domain names priced at $40,000 to $500,000 per listing. For 2020, we want to help plant more mustard seeds, knowing that often the biggest doors start off on the smallest hinges. We've reduced pricing on a great portion of our inventory to help more startups launch.


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Everything Starts With A Great Name!

"It gives me great pleasure, a good name. I always in writing start with a name. Give me a name and it produces a story, not the other way about normally."  - J.R.R. Tolkien

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name, and the inheritance of a great example."  - Benjamin Disraeli

"A name represents identity, a deep feeling, and holds tremendous significance to its owner."  - Rachel Ingber

"Things that are important have names."  - David Newberry

We look forward to hearing from you.

For assistance call Robert Davis at (815) 429-3254